Putting period problems in the past


To many women, the word β€˜period’ can have negative connotations describing the hard time you will go through.
Bleeding, headaches and emotions are some of the thoughts that might spring to mind and if anything the advertising industry is not helping. Sanitary pad ads showing that your blood is actually a blue liquid? Way to make women feel uncomfortable! 

So we hide ourselves, we wear uncomfortable pads, we risk our lives with Toxic shock syndrome, and even if it's very rare it could happen to you and make dramatic changes in your life.

So yes, periods can be a struggle. A struggle that happens 450 times on average in a woman’s life, or in other words - 2250 days or 6 years!

The hidden part of the iceberg is that you can always be surprised with it at unexpected times resulting in blood stains on your trouser that can ruin your day. 

So why not welcome it with smile and feel fully secure with embracing your period. Instead of using bleach cotton tampons, chemical fragrance pads, women now have a new, fully safe and secure alternative. 

We’re going to talk about two new groundbreaking alternatives that have been used and approved by us. 


The Cup

We’ve been waiting using the cup for quite a few months, (Maybe even a year!). We can confess that it is not easy to take on. You’ll need practice. But this protection is the more secure and comfortable alternative to the tampon. 

I bought my mooncup over 2 years ago when I moved into a house of boys and didn’t want to leave used tampons in the bathroom bins, and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I didn’t believe the hype but it was so true – no more leaks, no more tampons, no more anxiety about whether or not I’ve bled through my tampon already. Every woman should own a mooncup.
— ALICE – Mooncup customer testimonial

Best used for swimming and summer at the beach.
+++ super economic (A cup can last for 10 years)

Special details: By using the cup you know exactly the quantity that you bleed and the consistency of it. This can be a useful health check. 

No more tampons, no more spending money, no more blood leaks, no more infections. It was a bit hard at the beginning to get used to it, but now that I master it I have zero complaints.
— CAPRI - Organicup customer testimonial

Let's try : Mooncup or Organicup



Thinx is the reason why we are not planning to buy pads any longer. This is a waterproof pant, comfortable and available in different shapes and sizes. It’s THE product of the decade. 
With Thinx, you’ll no longer need to worry about your period.

These are such a joy to wear: they’re comfortable, don’t feel bulky or wet, and don’t have any odor issues. I almost forget that I have my period when I’m wearing them. Plus, there’s no more guilt from dumping dozens of disposable products in the garbage each month.
— Kristen - Thinx customer testimonial

The best for travelling. 
+++ very elegant. 

Specials details: It make you stayed dry and smell fresh.

Let's try Thinx


We saw the cup and the period resistant underwear as a very good eco friendly method, that creates far less waste and last longer than any other period protection. 
It’s always a big step to change your habits when using the same protection for years on end.

Changing is never easy, but the life on the other side can be much more joyful. You’ll never know unless you try! 

Picture : Verena Erin |  My Green Closet

Picture : Verena Erin | My Green Closet

Picture : Thinx

Picture : Thinx

Picture : Organicup

Picture : Organicup

Credits Photos & video : 

 JUAN Chien-Han (header picture: the lady with menstrual cramps ) 

Thinx, Organicup and Mooncup