Dress for success - How to become a volunteer πŸ‘  πŸ‘œ 🀝


If you know where to look, there's a charity for everyone. Dress for Success is a not-for-profit organisation to help women with disadvantages by providing career support, from mock interview to stylist.

As a volunteer, being involved at dress for success can have a very positive impact on others lives.


A day at dress for success always begins with a meeting where volunteers can get together. Some of them come on a regular basis, while others are sent by their companies for a charity day. It’s always a great opportunity to meet women from many different sectors.

After the meeting, the volunteers get ready to receive the first client. 
Women come by appointment. They receive a warm welcome, a cup of tea and talk about their needs. Then the styling part starts, by providing a range of different clothes to match the job they are applying for while making them feel comfortable in it. The volunteers role is to propose outfits that will make the candidate feel beautiful and sometimes propose something different. Volunteers are here to give a fresh and glorified look.


There is a beautiful example of a woman size ++ . She started the appointment by mentioning that she will never wear red. When a volunteer gave her a bright red dress, it hadn't yet been worn. Then she saw herself in the mirror and finally cried with happiness. She was looking absolutely beautiful and her reaction - her smile in front of the mirror made the day of every person in the room.  

Dress for success.jpg

Every candidate goes back home with a full outfit including accessories, jewellery, handbags and other goodies like lipstick and foundation. 

But before this, they receive tips and advice for a successful interview. Then they leave the showroom with a smile on their face, arms full of shopping bags and full of confidence like Carrie Bradshaw after a shopping spree.
This is what means to be a volunteer at Dress for success. It gives women with little confidence a taste of trusting in themselves and being powerful again. 

From giving donations to giving your time, you can get involved in different ways. Check Dress for success to discover more about it.