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Good American

With every curve, every inch and in every form - women’s bodies are unique. We want to be comfortable, fierce and beautiful in whatever we put on, especially in our daily essentials such as denim and activewear. Good American is the brand that has embraced this in style.

In 2016 Emma Grede and Khloe Kardashian were inspired by their own experiences and difficulties with finding the right clothes to fit their bodies. They decided to create Good American, a fashion brand that empowers women of different ethnicities to be authentic and confident.

Good American

With their athleisure and denim collections, they aim to break down size and inclusivity barriers within the fashion market. Since its launch, the brand has been able to design and produce denim and active apparel to fit women that the fashion industry has underserviced in terms of size, with a range that stretches from 00 to 24.

To establish the sense empowerment, the brand put together a group of women with different sizes, ethnicities, careers and styles to showcase the clothes as they should be seen. These women are called the β€œGood Squad”. They are fearsome and powerful and represent the image of who the β€œGood American” woman is - all standing for something and uplifting each other.

Through the different campaigns that have been put out to promote the brand, Good American has been able to give women the diverse representativeness that is often overlooked in Fashion. Also, another initiative the brand has taken to branch out is through their website, it has a blog that caters to women generally. It is not restricted to just fashion but also articles related to Career, Wellness, Style, Beauty and Lifestyle.


With Good American, women are not only liberated through fashion but are also encouraged to be themselves in every possible way.


πŸ“Written by Pelumi Oyesanya

Credits Photos: Good American