Customize your patch βœ‚οΈπŸ’–


In the past patches were used to hide the wear and tear of clothes, but today the stitch on patch has become a great way to customize your outfit. 
Martha Hussey makes personalised patches and answers to individual orders. So because we love what she does, we’ve asked Martha how she became a stitch artist.


"It started when I Became a bachelor of Fine Art after graduating from Central Saint Martins. I was always a painter (in particular, portraits fascinated me) I always start with the eyes... I started sewing a year ago as β€œillustrated stitch” because I was feeling disillusioned and lacking my creativity and literally wanted to just make things. Stitching fascinated me because of the detail you can obtain and literally taking a line for a walk. I use thread now to paint portraits."  Martha

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Emilie Chanteloup