Brand new shirt from Paris - Oxence

I ordered the Oscar check shirt and this is what i think about it...  


I chose this model because of the round end collar. Not so austere as point end collar are. I also love the round wristband, very simple and feminine. At the same time, I was looking for a classic spring shirt to complete my collection. I have one classic white, one light blue oxford, one jean shirt but I haven’t got any check shirt. This model can match with white or navy trouser, light blue jeans. I can also be worn with a jacket or a jumper. The pastel palette colour is perfect as a classique shirt for a spring work wear outfit. The square is small as well as subtil and the cut is not fitted as any silhouet can wear it. I choose to wear it in my size for a formal outfit, but if you opt for an oversize shirt you can easier order one size up and make sure that the design suits you.


Buttons were sewed with a theard shank, to be more resistant. This kind of detail makes the difference. We all know that it’s annoying to lose buttons on clothes recently purchased. This outfit was for work. Not something super formal, but still need a nice look. Obviously shirt, jacket and shoes makes the difference when you wear a slim fit low cut trouser with a light pink water colour. My chosen shirt and jacket brings the formal effect. My ritual for trying a shirt is that I wash it and then wear it. The colour, the fabric and the cut stayed the same as they were at the beginning. At this step, I can appreciate the quality of Oxence product. I removed my jacket and tied the shirt on the waist. This is a versatile outfit. Work wear outfit from 9am to 6pm that’s convertible as something cooler for an after work session.

Oxence’s product is focus on the quality of the confection and the provenance of the fabric.

The range size is from 34 to 42. If you prefer something more formal Oscar come also in jacquard version.

More product are available on the website. One of my favourite are LΓ©onare and Louie.

Have fun finding your favourite.