Suwa Im | the fashion street painter 🎨🎈


Suwa Im is a fashion illustrator from Seoul, she travels around the world, following every fashion week looking for unique forms of style and appealing personalities to convert them into fascinating illustrations. Live-painting, portrait, street painting is her art.

Suwa Im has an eye for the most attractive features which gives such a unique touch and originality to the illustrations.

Hamish Bowles, who is Vogue’s international editor was one of the chosen personalities by Im and he affirms this is β€œa new era of fashion paparazzo”.

Suwa Lm sketching  @carmelimeldawalsh

Suwa Lm sketching @carmelimeldawalsh

Her work is so interesting because its a mix of modernity with vintage and it looks so good! β€œI’ve tried to demonstrate both nostalgia for decades past and the sense of innovation from contemporary trends in my work”, Im says. β€œRather than another person’s view from a photograph, I wanted to draw people I met in person, with my own feeling, so I decided to walk on the streets”.

Using her vintage magazines and old books for her sketches, she uses the power of fashion to reflect diversity and identity.


πŸ“Written by Catarina Botelho

Credits Photos: @thestreetpie,, @meolandia, @suwa_, Adam-Katz.