#LDF: 7 artists you'd love to meet 🎠 πŸ—‘ πŸ›‹

London Designer Fair

Among the exciting activities and inspiring proposals going on during the #LondonDesignWeek, Imagine a Lady sneaked into the Design Fair at Old Truman Brewery venue this weekend to spot the last interior design trends and say it all loud. Here are some of the outstanding brands and artists we got lucky to meet and share a nice time with. 


Swedish Ninja

Maria Gustavsson is the interior designer behind this brand. After 10 years freelancing for other studios, she decided to give it a chance and launched her own project. She has recently presented a two-set lamps –Little Darling- for the short- and Big Darling – for the large - both refer hers and her husband Mangus heights.

Other interesting pieces are a cabinet and a bench with the personality of a notebook fabricated in plastic flex and cork, and their unique metal wallbaskets. 

Claire Coles

Artists like brushes and canvas, writers like pens and catching stories. Claire is more a sewing machine person kind of. Spoiler alert: she gives a 30% off to interior designers and fancy notebooks If you come over to say β€˜hi’. 

What does Claire do? From book covering, chinoiserie wallpapers and embroideries to fashion print or luxury packaging.

One partnership she is especially proud about is : 

"a garment for Missone and a Perrier-JouΓ«t art nouveau packaging design." 

She get inspiration from nature so most of her artwork is covered with flamingos and romantic gardens.



It is a Swedish design studio created on 2010 and run by HΓ’kan Johansson and they are proud to talk about MOLTO, their new shelving system in two heights and free standing (no screw work required!). 

Available in pastel colors mixed with metal and wood, you can customize your piece and decide how many shelfs you better like in your furniture. If you want to keep it simple and go for the all-white look living room version or place your rustic-styled one for the kitchen.

They are now partnering with Haus London but willing to expand their retailer network in the UK. You can find the lowest valued item in 1300Β£ to their standard-size shelf worth in 3700€.

Guillermina Lynch.jpg

Guillermina work is about silkscreened Japanese inspired pieces made with care, patience and lots of passion. She likes reproducing ponds, fish and other marine life species while experimenting with different textures and colors.

Her grandma used to read her tales when she was a little girl, most of them with a  Japanese aesthetic and ocean references which got a big impact on her. 

"Water is a rich and powerful element, it has BROUGHT ME SUCH A GOOD THINGS. i ALWAYS HAVE IT IN MIND WHEN I'M CREATING"

Why is velvet that special?
She used to paint a while ago and work with different fabrics and materials. It was not until she started working with velvet that she realised the beautiful duality she could put together in the same place.

"I respect velvet when I exalt its beauty and I contempt it too when burning it to create different patterns and effects."

Guillermina Lynch
Guillermina Lynch

Christabel Balfour 

Coming from a fine arts background and having tried out paper cutting and sculpture as well, she rather likes the tapestry weaving world more.

In her work, She combines the geometry of the city with the open spaces of the natural landscape, emphasising simplicity and tranquillity over complexity and chaos.

In the future she may be working with a vibrant range and bigger sized items. She had not manufactured any clothing piece but we firmly encourage Christabel to designing her own knitwear and ponchos line. We would love it ! πŸ˜‰


Christabel production line in 3 words:

durability, versatility and natural vibes


Leonie Stanton

Ceramics could have looked uniform and too functional until you come across Leonie’s creations. Down to earth collection is a greyish vases serie of more than 20 shapes and heights items. You can enjoy her work on Instagram or at Tregony Gallery’s exhibition.

She plans working with black porcelain and experiment with evening light moving forward.

"I work in series, forging collections of filtered responses. My work is thrown on the wheel using different clays and firing ranges."

Leonie Stanton.png

 πŸ“Post by Blanca Romero