Top 5 tech products designed by and for women

5 tech objects

In 2017, a study from Recruitment International revealed that only 17% of tech industry employees are women, and ironically the products that were made for women are often created by male inventors.

With Ces 2019 taking place in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, we decided to select 5 tech objects that are mostly created by and for women.


Lumen | Hack your metabolism & lose weight

This revolutionary device and app named Lumen was invented by identical twin sisters Merav and Michal from Israel, who alongside holding PhDs in Physiology, are triathletes, moms, and health researchers.

This small handheld device and mobile app works as a nutritionist in your pocket. You simply need to breathe into it once and Lumen analyzes the current and ongoing state of your body's metabolism and will recommend you specific foods to eat, tell you what the best time to rest and exercise is amongst many other health recommendations.This smart device backed by science will help you achieve your goals such as weight loss based on precise data and information about your current health.


Jibo | Personal robot

Jibo founder Cynthia Breazeal created Jibo, this personal robot with emotional and social intelligence that can interact with people to help the succeed in their personal goals and improving their quality of life. Jibo is powered by voice recognition, which helps in family planning , daily communication and connecting with each other. Considered the β€œworld's first family robot” it also offers an educational program that teaches kids how to code.


Olio | The app create to fight food waste

Olio is a free and resourceful app created by Sashaa tackling the issue of food waste. Users are able to connect with nearby neighbours and post their unwanted items, whether it is leftover food or furniture so people around you can come and collect them, making use of instead of throwing it away.


Elvie | Wearable breast pump

Elvie trainer is a pelvic trainer that’s help you strengthen and tone your pelvic floor. Connect to an app, Elvie trainer will teach you a range of 6 unique exercises . Very discreet and portable you can easily use it on-the-go.


Bloomer Tech | Bra for heart monitoring

Alicia Chong R. , Aceil Halaby and Monica Abarca, are respectively founder and co founder of Bloomer tech integrates advanced fabrics technology and machine learning curated for women’s health. It can turn everyday clothing such as women’s bras into a medical and healthcare device that can prevent any health issue such as a heart attack. The data is then collected and shared with the user as well as doctors in real time, so you can get a medical assessment right away.


πŸ“Written by Elodie Trochez

Credits Photos: Lumen, Jibo, Elvie, Olio & Bloomertech

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