Get up & pump πŸ’› 🍼 🐣


Pumping your breast was considered as a chore for all mothers. A feeling of being a mechanical process lacking in humanity. A time consuming where you are unable to achieve anything else. Sitting down, waiting for your daily duty to be completed.

Many new mums gave up breastfeeding because of the boring and painful process. That's why The willow pump has been invented. 

Wearing willow
Wearing Willow.jpg

Willowβ„’ works quietly inside your bra, collects your milk in a disposable, spill-proof bag, and tracks your volume through the app. Now you can move freely and do thingsβ€”real thingsβ€”while you pump.

"Finally an elegant way to pump"



Only a few parts to put together and two dishwasher-safe parts to clean for easy setup and fast cleanup.



Willow works quietly so you can go ahead and take that conference call without the mute button.



You can controle everything such as milk volume, pumping time and past pumping sessions with the app compatible with iPhone 5 or newer.


Join the beta program Willow Here


Credits pictures header : Mora Crema KirchnerMarius Sperlich , Sequinsmama