9 Inspiring European women living in UK πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΊπŸ€©πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

9 inspiring European women living in UK

With the UK stuck on the fence about its future in Europe, we thought we’d explore some of the female talents from overseas who play a key role in making the British economy what it is.


Edda Gimnes - Norwegian fashion designer

Edda Gimnes

Edda Gimnes

Edda Gimnes is a Norwegian fashion designer who graduated from London College of Fashion in 2015. All through her education she has been designing collections with sketch-like patterns printed everywhere, this unique and cool idea was her trademark. Last year during SS19 the global brand Moschino’s head designer Jeremy Scott used very similar designs for his collection. Edda stood up for herself and told the world about the injustice, not only did she put her reputation on the line but also her whole career, but she wasn’t fazed because she is courageous enough to stand up for herself.  She has shown that you have to work hard to get what you want, and when you come across an obstacle go at it head first with no fear.


Ana Patricia Botin - Spanish bank CEO


Ana Patricia Botin was born in Spain, and is now the CEO of the bank Santander, she has had a long, hard-working career in which she has claimed the title Dame commander of the order of the British Empire, and she was announced the 10th most powerful woman in the world in 2013.

She took on her important role as CEO in 2010 and has since continued to move up the business ladder, taking on her family role as executive chairman of the Santander group.

She is the epitome of a business savvy woman, as she continues to climb the business ladder she inspires us to follow suit.


SinΓ©ad Burke - Irish writer

The Irish writer SinΓ©ad Burke has Achondroplasia and felt extremely isolated from the fashion industry, there was never anyone like her that was represented in the media. She decided to be proactive and allow other women like herself to have a role model within the industry. She started with a simple blog where she confronted large labels about their lack of inclusivity, and has since co-founded a project that challenges designers about their inclusivity towards disabilities, she aims to tackle the elephant in the industry head first, to allow girls just like her to have that representation to prevent them from feeling isolated like she was.

SinΓ©ad Burke

SinΓ©ad Burke


Hedvig Lindahl - Swedish football goalkeeper

Hedvig Lindahl is a Swedish football goalkeeper currently playing for Chelsea FC. She has a condition called Vitiligo which means that her skin loses pigment. She shares how people like her shouldn’t be ashamed of being pale. She truly promotes self-love in the best way, showing that you don’t need to change yourself to be beautiful because everybody is beautiful.

Hedvig Lindahl

Hedvig Lindahl


Marcelina Amelia - Polish artist

Marcelina Amelia is a Polish artist based in the UK, she has been drawing ever since she was little. Marcelina creates artwork that is reminiscent of her childhood, she beautifully juxtaposes concepts such as β€˜lust and innocence’. She finds inspiration in her heritage and uses that to create her emotional pieces. It started as just a hobby that she loved, and she turned that into her career. She is doing what she loves and being featured on so many big named publications such as Vogue and Refinery29, she has her work shown all over Europe and is always on the move displaying her work proudly everywhere.

Marcelina Amelia - Photo by @leiamiamorrison

Marcelina Amelia - Photo by @leiamiamorrison


Eva Green - French actress

Photo by @rankinarchive

The French actress Eva Green who is currently living in London is a widely idolized woman. She has played many captivating and impressive roles in major films, like Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and Casino Royale. Her talent truly shines through no matter the role, she is adaptable and clearly never shies away from a challenge. She has played films with many huge actors and yet she never fades into the background, she makes herself seen even if her role isn’t a major one. It goes to show that with a passion for your career you too can be storming through life being an inspiration.


Marianna Leivaditaki - Greek chef

Marianna Leivaditaki - Photo by  @robban_photo

Marianna Leivaditaki grew up in Greece living by the sea and always eating fresh seafood, she acquired a taste for fresh and gorgeous food. She would note down recipes that she created and also learnt about to make for her family that evening. She went on to study at a university in the UK, and the travelled through France and Spain in search of new inspiring palettes and ingredients to create new recipes. Now she brings all this experience and knowledge to the restaurant Morito Hackney Road in London, where she is the head chef. She brings her Cretan influence to the traditionally Spanish menu. THrough social media she is constantly promoting different cultures food, eager to show her followers just what is out there.


Nicole Farhi - French fashion design & artist

Nicole Farhi

Nicole Farhi

Nicole Farhi is a French former fashion designer and now artist, she started from the bottom as a freelancer. Moved to the UK in the β€˜70s and started working for the label French Connection, which then led her to create her eponymous brand which had many stores worldwide.

She is creative and intelligent and has used her sheer determination to help get from nothing to something, it's the classic story of moving up in your career and it shows that it isn’t just a fairytale it actually happens, with determination and dedication you can climb that ladder to success and then continue to push those boundaries.


Sara Kiyo Popowa - Swedish artist and photographer

Sara Kiyo Popowa is a Swedish artist and photographer who runs a wonderfully colourful, plant-based Instagram. She was brought up in Sweden with Japanese and Bulgarian descent and finally moved to London. She orientates her work around health and environmental interests, creating beautiful, organic meals. She promotes a healthier lifestyle, one that can still be exciting, she makes the food that to many would seem dull seem divine. By creating aesthetically pleasing and tasty-looking dishes she has captured the attention of almost 95k people just on Instagram. Through this popularity she has written her own recipe book and runs a blog all about her work, a visual representation of the organic life that she leads.

Sara Kiyo Popow - Photo by @jennafoxton

Sara Kiyo Popow - Photo by @jennafoxton


πŸ“Written by Lauren Beesting