A week in Martinique 🍌 πŸ•Ά 🍍


Imagine spending a week in Martinique. This French caribbean island has a real charm that you should consider exploring if you’re looking for a place to rest, take a break and enjoy great food.

Simply, take the next flight and experience a seven-day vacation in Martinique.


Day one - Hotel bambou - First step to exotism


Land directly into Martinique’s spirit and enjoy the sunset with feet at sea.

The hotel is divided into two separate facilities, we recommend the charming little hut with colours inspired by the region with a luxury and comfortable room including a private swimming pool.

It’s the perfect location to start your vacation.


Day two - Discover new ways to travel

If you are travelling from the south of the island and want to visit Fort de France β€˜Capital’,  take the shuttle boat. It is mainly used by locals for daily commute and takes around 20 mins to cross the bay. Instantly see the beauty of the coast.


Day three - Explore the botanical diversity


If you are a botanic lover, visiting a garden of the island will remind you of how the tropical climate helps shaping the environment.

If you are a nature lover, go explore the savage beauty when walking through the trail tracks inside the forest. It’s like being in the amazon forest. There’re giant size plants.

Nature is powerful.


Day four - The best view of martinique


Active volcano Mount PelΓ©e is sleeping since the last eruption in 1929. It will take you 4hr 30min to walk and climb to the top and explore the beauty of the horizon.

Bear in mind, you might end up in the clouds or have one the most beautiful view on the island. 


Day five - Rest in a peaceful hotel at Plein soleil.


Lost in the middle of the banana trees, by the east coast, this establishment give it’s best to make your stay relaxed and comfortable.
Where is no better way to start a day than eating the breakfast on the panoramic terrace with the song of birds singing.


Day six - Discover the local flavour

Picture :  Tatie Maryse

Picture : Tatie Maryse


Test the speciality… savour fresh fish and lobster, handmade coco or sweet potatoes cake.

Martinique offer a large choice of special dish made from local product like the matoutou, this crab curry and rice.


Day seven - Bring Martinique home

Pack the best memories in your suitcase. Rhum !

A good choice, specially when they are made 15 years ago. Tasty and strong enough to help you remember the spirit of Martinique.