24 weeks pregnant and starting a new job 🀰✊

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Kate Morrison Schermers

Imagine a world where women are free to get pregnant whatever their job situation. Imagine that women could not have to choose between being a mum and have a professional career.

This world is far from it, but we found a story that gave us hope.

Kate Morrison Schermers was head of production at BBH New York when she was approached by 72andSunny to take over their director of production position in L.A. In the meantime, she was in her early weeks of pregnancy. For her, there was no possibility that she could have both, a baby and a new job.

She got hired by 72andSunny in her 24 weeks of pregnancy because this company unlike most of the others puts their people first and doesn’t impose the regular 1-year employee in the company to be eligible for maternity benefits.

This story is, unfortunately, an isolated case and we hope that one day will come where it would be normal to go for a job interview, pregnant and proud.

Read the full story written by Kate here.

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