Natural make-up tutorial for festivals - Imaginealady X Green People


For Coachella, make a statement with a natural make-up from Green People. All consisting in a neutral face treatment, soft eyes and lips coloration and finally a Indian inspired embellishment. 

In collaboration with Green People.

In this video we used : 
Pressed powder

Step by Step: This emoji 🌿means that we use Green People's product for these step.

- Apply a face primer and then your skin complexion foundation 🌿
- Use the concealer to hide the imperfection that the foundation doesn’t hide. 
- Apply pressed powder to set the base 🌿
- Give some definition to your nose
- Contour your all face
- Blush your cheeks 🌿
- Use a highlighter to make your face look more natural
- Brush and draw your eyebrow to the colour of you choice. Here in pink to match the hair and the whole makeup
- Apply the eyeshadow from the lighter to the darker. 🌿Brighter in the internal, Darker in the external
- Eye-line the external contour of your eyes. 
- Curve the eyelash
- Apply the mascara on top and bottom eyelash🌿
- Moisturise your lips with balm and paint it 🌿
- Design an symmetric bindi line by following your eyebrow line... & more ....