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Do you sleep eight hours, work out daily, stick to a sugar-free diet, walk to places rather than drive, meditate, did quit smoking before new years? Do you follow a healthy lifestyle..? Ask yourself.

We’ve never been as concerned about finding balance and feel vital as now but at the same time self-demand and multi-task drag us into high level of stress, long working hours and a poor quality routine. Nutrition has a lot to do with wellbeing but who has never skip breakfast for 5 more minutes laying in bed? In our 'try to achieve everything no matter what', we usually forget about what is key: listen to our bodies. 
We wanted to get your back and look for easy and healthy solutions when we came across Care/of, a monthly membership website that ships the vitamin packs you need straight to your door. It’s nice to see people caring about other people’s health and so we spoke with Craig Elbert, their CEO, to know more about how the service works.

Where does the idea of Care/of come from and how does the business model work?

Everyone has their own health goals and needs, so the concept of a multivitamin is outdated. At the same time, finding out which vitamins you need can be a challenge. We knew that there could be a simpler and more delightful experience in the vitamin space. 

We focus on a customized wellness experience, with clinical research and input from advisory board of doctors and nutritionists to give well-rounded and honest guidance.

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Which are your core values?

Personalization: When people come to our website, they take a quiz that asks them questions about their health, like their dietary restrictions, family history, and health concerns. Instead of having to choose from hundreds of products, we give our members a recommendation for which vitamins are right for them. Then we deliver them in daily packs with your name on them, so it really feels personalised.

Quality: We source our vitamins and supplements from the places they grow best, so each nutrient is as effective and safe as it can be. We also use sustainable harvesting practices and gentle production methods to maintain the integrity of each nutrient.

Convenience: We offer guidance to our customers in a convenient, simple and delightful way. Plus, our design actually helps people remember to take their vitamins. Each month, we send you a limited edition box filled with thirty daily packs. They’re easy to grab and go, so you don’t have to deal with vitamin bottles or weekly pill containers. 


What do your customers enjoy the most? 

People love taking our quiz and appreciate in-depth questions while still is conversational and easy to navigate. Daily packs help them in setting up a better health and wellness routine.

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After the milestones of last year, what do you ask to 2018?

We launched an app at the end of last year, and we’ve seen so many of our customers take to it as a way to keep them on track to accomplishing their health goals. We’re continuing to  improve our app. We’ll keep adding features beyond helping our members take their vitamins. They’ll help our members feel confident that they have Care/of’s guidance in their back pocket, every step of the way. 

As our brand continues to grow, one of our top priorities is expanding our reach. The problem that we’re solving isn’t exclusive to the US. It is a global challenge, and Care/of is a solution for people who are trying to do something good for their health. 

After our chat with Craig, we think it’s really worth to give it a try get your vitamin doses sorted.

Currently they just ship to the US but (spoiler alert!) they plan to expand it to the UK soon this year!


Interview by Blanca Romero

Credits Photos : Care /of  & Cover post : Camille Styles